The Brexit Tree

Jan Martinec & Clemens Wilhelm

The Brexit Tree film is a cooperation between Jan Martinec and Clemens Wilhelm, the film follows the developments of Wilhelm's public art installation in Scotland.

On 31 Jan 2020, a weeping willow tree was planted by the river Deveron in the small town of Huntly, Scotland, to mark the historic Brexit day. 

The Brexit tree symbolizes loss and sorrow, but also healing and rebirth. The communal art project aims to create a place in Huntly where people from both Brexit camps can meet and exchange ideas. This film is a documentary about the tree, the people, the town of Huntly, and how Brexit touches all of them in one way or another.


Film, HD


Directed & Produced by Jan Martinec & Clemens Wilhelm
Narrator: Jan Martinec
Editor: Carla Morelli
Sound: Tobias Böhm, bvft
Camera: Jan Martinec
Color: Ming Xiaoxi
Drone Operator: Alejandro Lopez
Title Design: Franz Reimer

Robert Singer | Artist | Huntly & Ayrshire
Lily Kamp | University Student | Huntly & Glasgow
David Ward | Composer | Huntly
Lena Sierakowska | Nordic Ski Center | Huntly
Kerry Wright | Bartender | Huntly
Petra Pennington | Art & Community Worker Deveron Projects | Huntly
Claudia Zeiske | Founding Director of Deveron Projects | Huntly
Dave Whitehead | Joiner | Huntly
Manick Govinda | Arts Consultant & Founder of Artists For Brexit | London
David Foubister | Software Consultant | Huntly
Trisha Mandal | Erasmus Intern | Huntly
Conrad Lee | University Student | Huntly & Aberystwyth

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