Sky Is The Limit

Jan Martinec

Sky is the limit “ comes as an expression for a situation where there are no limits and anything is possible. It also implies a certain amount of possibility, dreams and ambitions. “You can do whatever you want in the land of the free, sky is the limit”, could be a quite possible line. Sky is a symbol of heaven for many Christians. Sky could be the direction we look when we’re down and have nowhere to go, but it could also be a symbol of afterlife and therefore death too. In this case the billboard, with a sky as its background, bears some traces of dreams and violence. On the wall opposite to the bill- board are three hand written stories expressing anxiety, loss, state of being uprooted and will to live through rough times shared by those who have to travel for saving their life1 written by different people in different milleniums, yet they speak the same language, express the same concerns. Perhaps the dreams always have to be balanced by violence, maybe the dreams and suffering are from the samme matter? How else to explain that even though we’ve greatly improved our societies, certain problems don’t seem to be changing at all.


installation, billboard, poems

2022 — Jan Martinec